Welcome to the Gallery

(A Collection of Artwork by Cindy Noble)

Introduction: Constructive Flicking

In the language of a Caltech undergraduate, "To Flick" means to do something else when you really ought to be doing homework, or studying, or some such academic nonsense. In other words, when one flicks, one blows off one's adademic responsibilities in order to do something fun. The way I saw it, back in my undergraduate days, there were two ways to flick. One could do something fun, but non-constructive, or one could do something fun *and* constructive, and therefore have something to show for all the hours spent "wasting time". One of my favorite kinds of "constructive" flicking is the production of artwork.

Now that I'm no longer a Caltech Undergrad, I don't usually have to "flick" to find time for drawing and painting. Such activities would be most accurately described as *hobbies* these days.

This gallery contains the results of many hours spent with the pencils or the paintbrushes. Look around, and enjoy!


I've divided the arwork into several categories, mostly to make it easier for me to keep track of what to put where.

Paintings. (Airbrush, Watercolor, and Acrylic... mostly from art classes at Caltech.)
Character portraits. (Mostly colored pencil, some pen-ink plus watercolor.)
RPG Character Portraits. (Pencil, colored pencil)
Wheelies Fan Art.

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